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SuperStar Teen Patti is the Highest Rated Teen Patti Game with real players across the world. SuperStar Teen Patti is available on Android, IOS and Facebook.

Do you love playing Teen Patti game? Download SuperStar Teen Patti SuperStar Teen Patti game on your iOS or Android device. You can play SUPERSTAR TEEN PATTI SuperStar Teen Patti in multiplayer mode with real players all around the world anytime, anywhere!

SuperStar Teen Patti SuperStar Teen Patti is all about skills and luck. So what are you waiting for? Show your skills and luck in this most exciting card game.

You cannot gamble with real money while playing as the app offers Play Chips that cannot be encashed. The games are only meant for pure fun and entertainment, which you can play with your family and friends. You can take part in exciting contests and tournaments every day for free and win awesome gifts, chips and rewards. So, download the free game from Play Store and App Store on your mobile phones and tablets. Enjoy the game!

Play SUPERSTAR TEENPATTI on public table, private table and with your real friends on SuperStar Teen Patti Facebook, SuperStar Teen Patti Android and SuperStar Teen Patti iOS.

Play on hukum table

Play superstar teenpatti with Joker / Hukum / Trump Card. In this mode in every games randomly one card number will be chosen and declared as Hukum card. If you have that number card then you can use it to make a pair, sequence, color and trail. And you winning chance will increased.

Use Joker to make a pair, sequence, color and trail. Check out this Ranking of the cards from high to low is:

(1)Trail or Set (three of same rank),(2)Pure sequence,(3)Sequence(run),(4)Color,(5)Pair(two cards of same rank), and (6)High Card.

Play on blind table

Blind Mode: No need to say "Please Play Blind". All player must have to play blind in this mode.

To be blind player, you must not see your cards. You have options to play Pack, Blind and Show if available. To Play Blind put the Chaal amount in the pot. The Blind Chaal amount is always half the Chaal amount of the previous player.

SuperStar Teen Patti Leaderboard

Top the leaderboard and showcase your skills for the world to clap and cheer. Get weekly updates on the basis of 'Hands Won', 'Biggest Pot' and 'Most Chips'. Establish your position and brag about it with your friends - Lead the race and become a top player!

To see the chips count of your facebook friends, select Leader Board icon.

Invite Friends

It's always fun to play with your friends and family! The game allows you to invite your Facebook friends to play Free SuperStar Teen Patti games. Also, you can earn attractive bonuses for bringing your friends! So, connect now to share the thrill and achievements with your friends!

You can play SuperStar Teen Patti game with your Facebook friends in public and private tables. You can create your private SuperStar Teen Patti table and invite your Facebook friends to join.

SuperStar Teen Patti Screenshots

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